Kindergarten & Toddlers

The Taman Rama Kindergarten is committed to the development of high standards of international education. English is the language of instruction and communication in the classroom and children are encourage 

Indonesian National Programmes

Nasional program mengacu pada kurikulum nasional yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah melalui BNSP dengan kurikulum KTSP / 2008.Fokusnya adalah mengadakan siswa sebagai pusat pembelajaran 

Cambridge International Programmes

The Cambridge International Fellowship Centre is a section of The Taman Rama School, a Private National Plus school serving the educational needs of the local and expatriate families that make up the communit 

Primary (SD)

Taman Rama SD Regular offers a National – Plus primary school programme for children aged 6 – 12 years. Taman Rama acknowledges the importance of the English language in a global economy and therefore offers a National, local content curriculum, with an added focus of the development of English language competencies.


The SD Regular curriculum contains 8 subjects. All subjects are based on Indonesian National standards with incorporated local content. Most subjects are taught in Bahasa Indonesia with English language based learning opportunities offered in Maths, Science, Moral Science and English.
Regular evaluation and reporting using competency and standards based benchmarks map the academic development of the child.

Taman Rama SD Regular curriculum is holistic and is designed to nurture the development of the whole child.
The Taman Rama SD Regular National – Plus curriculum aims to :

  • develop excellence in academic achievement
  • develop excellence in literacy and numeracy
  • develop personal values, beliefs and morals
  • provide and nurture excellence in English language communication skills
  • encourage a high level of personal fitness and to foster an interest in sports
  • develop competencies in the arts and culture
  • provide contemporary IT skills

– as well as to –

  • encourage a spirit of Nationalism
  • encourage respect and tolerance of all religions

Students are encouraged to further extend their knowledge base by taking part in the schools special activities that include the annual: Spelling Competition, General Knowledge Competition, General Science Competition, English Debate and “English Awareness Week”.
Students are also encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities including Pramuka, football, basketball, badminton, swimming, Balinese dance and or choir.

The teaching methodologies used in SD Regular are based on the principle of ahimsa (non-violence ) which is shown in ones good deeds, way of speaking as well as purity of mind and thought. Our teaching staff is cosmopolitan and all of our teachers are qualified, caring, dedicated professionals.

SD Regular Taman Rama is regularly accredited. Our current accreditation is “very good” ( A ).