Kindergarten & Toddlers

The Taman Rama Kindergarten is committed to the development of high standards of international education. English is the language of instruction and communication in the classroom and children are encourage 

Indonesian National Programmes

Nasional program mengacu pada kurikulum nasional yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah melalui BNSP dengan kurikulum KTSP / 2008.Fokusnya adalah mengadakan siswa sebagai pusat pembelajaran 

Cambridge International Programmes

The Cambridge International Fellowship Centre is a section of The Taman Rama School, a Private National Plus school serving the educational needs of the local and expatriate families that make up the communit 

Cambridge Primary (CP)

Cambridge Primary

Cambridge programmes are designed to develop learners who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged. Cambridge Primary, typically for 6-11 year olds, is a curriculum framework to develop English, Mathematics, and Science skills, knowledge and understanding in younger learners. At Taman Rama School the core subjects of English Mathematics and Science are complemented by studies in social issues, history and geography through out SOSE subject. Our programme also includes studies in physical education, art, religion, the performing arts, languages and ICT. Our language programme offers a solid base in Bahasa Indonesia complemented by a Languages Other Than English (LOTE) selection to choose from, currently French, Mandarin, Japanese and Balinese.

The language of instruction across the entire Cambridge Fellowship Centre is English and our students quickly become competent communicators in English.

We use a class based teaching system with a dedicated class teacher and core subjects handled by one teacher in the early grades and two specialist teachers in the upper primary grades. This ensures we are able to create secure and caring learning environments for our students with consistency in classroom management.

Cambridge Primary enables teachers to assess children’s learning as they progress with two assessment tools. Cambridge Primary Progression Tests are used at key points in the school year to assess our student’s progress toward meeting the learning objectives outlined in the curriculum framework. Cambridge Primary culminates in the Cambridge Checkpoint examination in June of the final year of primary studies, Grade 6. It is an assessment of the learning objectives of the curriculum which have been achieved and also provides comprehensive, detailed feedback on learner performance. This feedback is used to provide guidance to our Secondary 1 teachers as the students transition to Cambridge Secondary. Both of these assessments provide us with an external, international benchmark against which we can monitor students’ strengths and weaknesses and adjust our teaching programme accordingly.