Kindergarten & Toddlers

The Taman Rama Kindergarten is committed to the development of high standards of international education. English is the language of instruction and communication in the classroom and children are encourage 

Indonesian National Programmes

Nasional program mengacu pada kurikulum nasional yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah melalui BNSP dengan kurikulum KTSP / 2008.Fokusnya adalah mengadakan siswa sebagai pusat pembelajaran 

Cambridge International Programmes

The Cambridge International Fellowship Centre is a section of The Taman Rama School, a Private National Plus school serving the educational needs of the local and expatriate families that make up the communit 

School’s Facilities

Taman Rama School Denpasar, measures 12,000 square metres, and is composed of three academic blocks containing classrooms, laboratories and libraries. All classrooms are air-conditioned.

There are three main buildings on campus:

  1. 1. The Taman Rama Primary School houses the SD grade 1 to 6 classrooms. This 4-storey block, at the front of the campus, includes:
    • The administrative & faculty offices
    • A general meeting hall
    • A multimedia equipped computer lab
    • Bookstore – where textbooks, uniforms and school supplies are available for purchase during regular school hours.
  2. 2. The Taman Rama Kindergarten houses Preschool through Kindergarten classrooms, each with their own bathroom. This 3-storey remodelled complex, in the centre of campus, includes:
    • A multi-functional Learning Centre
    • A multimedia equipped libraries (CP, SD, SMP, SMA, Cambridge)
    • A multimedia equipped computer room
    • A fully air-conditioned multipurpose sports hall
    • A swimming pool designed for lower level students
    • Safe and secure recreational areas for Preschool and Kindergarten students
    • A cafeteria
    • A Health Clinic, on the ground floor, with a qualified doctor and nurse who are available for consultation. They perform periodic check-ups and offer general health care training to all students. This clinic is also made available to the public after school hours. The Senior Cambridge Examination Section IGCSE/A Level (7-12) classes are housed on the upper levels of this 3- storey building.
  3. The Kartini building houses:
    • The Cambridge Primary Programme and the Cambridge Art and Project Room
  4. The Taman Rama Secondary School (Junior High – Senior High). This 3-storey building, at the rear of campus, includes:
    • A newly renovated science laboratory for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • A multimedia equipped computer lab
    • A multi-functional library
    • A foreign language lab
    • A meditation & prayer room
    • A covered multi-use basketball court
    • Visual and performing arts classrooms
    • “The Gallery” – an open air exhibition space on the ground floor that hosts student art exhibits each year.
    • The Student Counselling Centre, where peer counseling is offered to help students with such potential problem areas as stress, test anxiety, time management, and study skills.
    • Located east of the SMA – SMP building is the playground. The playground features two practice fields for football, track and field sports.