Kindergarten & Toddlers

The Taman Rama Kindergarten is committed to the development of high standards of international education. English is the language of instruction and communication in the classroom and children are encourage 

Indonesian National Programmes

Nasional program mengacu pada kurikulum nasional yang di tetapkan oleh pemerintah melalui BNSP dengan kurikulum KTSP / 2008.Fokusnya adalah mengadakan siswa sebagai pusat pembelajaran 

Cambridge International Programmes

The Cambridge International Fellowship Centre is a section of The Taman Rama School, a Private National Plus school serving the educational needs of the local and expatriate families that make up the communit 

A Wonderful Evening

The Taman Rama Musical Evening (TRME) was a great success with students from Taman Rama Ubung and Jimbaran taking part in a spectacular show of music, dance, comedy and drama which, although scheduled for three hours, ended up running for four hours. Many thanks to our students, parents and teachers, and to our sponsors.